Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Setting the Disk Quota for your Cloud Foundry apps

Setting the disk quota using a manifest

It is possible to set the disk quota for an application using the application's `manifest.yml`. The required property is disk_quota:
- name: testapp-large-disk
  memory: 512M
  instances: 1
  disk_quota: 3072
  path: .

Setting the disk quota manually

There is currently no CLI command to set the disk quota for an app, however it is supported by the Cloud Foundry REST API. This means you can set the disk quota using the `cf curl` command.

Example commands

$ cf curl /v2/apps

# Find the metadata.guid for the app you want to increase the disk quota of

$ cf curl /v2/apps/[APP-GUID-HERE] -X PUT -d '{"disk_quota":2048}'
Note: You will need to set the `disk_quota` to the number of megabytes of disk quota you require for your application. This must be less than the maximum allowed disk quota or the command will fail.


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